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5 Types of After Market Apple Watchbands

Leather Bands

These bands are more fashion forward, usually makes a statement and signals style. They can be made with different types of leather thicknesses and grades such as calf , cow , goat and lamb hides. The comfort is incredible, hugging the wrist without sweat build up nor the storage of unwanted bacteria. Just recently Anaghe Atelier added handcrafted upcycled Gucci Apple watch bands as well as Louis Vuitton apple watch bands to accessory line up. Each purchase comes with it's own apple adapter just choose your size and color (sizes) 38mm 40mm 41mm 42mm 44mm 45mm 49mm (colors) Gold, Sliver, Black , Rose This product is not endorsed ,affiliated or associated with Gucci in any way this is upcycled item made from a legally purchased bag. This is also an effort toward sustainability, by lowering the amount of items ending up in landfills ,making a happier, healthier planet.

Sport Band

The Sport Band could be considered the default Apple Watch band. It was one of the first bands Apple released, and has been iterated in nearly 130 different colors over the years, more than any other band. Made from comfortable it doesn’t stick to your skin when you sweat, and is robust. It’s ideal for working out, swimming, and dancing.

Solo Loop

Apple released its Solo Loop bands in fall 2020, in two versions: the “liquid silicone rubber” Solo Loop, and the Braided Solo Loop, made from “stretchable recycled yarn interwoven with silicone threads.” As a single piece of material without a clasp, have to get these bands in the correct size for your wrist. If you get a Solo Loop that’s too tight, it can feel like wearing a rubber band, and if it’s too loose, your watch will flop around on your wrist.

Fine Woven Bands

The Magnetic Link is a two-piece magnetic band that snaps shut when you put the watch on. It is adjustable and comfortable, though it’s a bit heavy. It is available for 41mm watches and 45mm watches, in S/M and M/L sizes. The Modern Buckle is the Fine Woven version one of the original Apple Watch bands. It only fits the smaller watch models (38mm, 40mm, and 41mm), and comes in three sizes (135 – 150mm wrists, 145mm – 165mm, and 160mm – 180mm). It is slightly adjustable, with a pin and five holes under the buckle, but you should probably check it out in an Apple Store before buying to get the right size.

Stainless Steel Bands

Another of the original bands is the Milanese Loop. This braided mesh band uses a magnetic clasp, and is easy to adjust to any size wrist. (With limits, of course: the 41mm model fits 13mm – 180mm wrists, and the 45mm model fits 150mm – 200 mm). In gold, silver, and graphite, these bands are subtle and classy. The braided mesh makes this band extremely flexible and comfortable, and the magnetic fastener makes it easily adjustable. The Link Bracelet is the biggest, heaviest band that Apple makes. In two colors, Silver and Space Black this is also the most expensive. These are finely machined bands, but the price is prohibitive. Available for 38mm watches (135mm – 195mm wrists) and 42mm (150mm – 200mm), you can also buy a set of five additional links for even larger wrists. Apple has invented a clever way to adjust these bands by easily removing or adding links, so you can get the perfect fit.

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